AYUDAMOS was founded in 1991 by Dr. S. Vincent Grasso as a result of his profound personal experiences during the 1991 Peruvian cholera epidemic.  The name AYUDAMOS derives from the Spanish meaning "We Help".  AYUDAMOS is a registered 501(c)(3) entity and has been responsible for the distribution of over $1,250,000 worth of goods and services without direct funding of any kind.  The recent introduction of Telemedicine, Medical Informatics, and their related technologies into the delivery package of this organization by way of the Operation Outreach project platform has been well received. Dr. Grasso has been labeled the "Tele-Missionary" for his pioneering work involving the introduction of Telemedicine into the third world.


There exists in the world unnecessary and preventable suffering among the medically and economically disadvantaged.  AYUDAMOS is committed to reducing this unnecessary suffering through an efficient mechanism which makes available to the widest possible number the latest in medical supplies, appropriate computer software and hardware, timely telecommunications, and expert personnel.


AYUDAMOS was founded in 1991 and is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization composed of physicians, engineers, scientists, and other qualified individuals. These people are specialists in fields such as minimally invasive surgery, Telemedicine, resource management, engineering, telecommunications, and science education. Unlike most boards, the members actively participate in field projects.


During the period of 1991-1997, observations were made on health care practices and outcomes in both Asia and South America. The extent and severity of the cholera epidemic of 1991 in Peru was clearly the result of a shortage of commonplace medical supplies. Thousands were affected as a result of the lack of doxycycline and balanced salt solutions. A subsequent experience in Cambodia in 1996 demonstrated the suffering brought about by the widespread use of land mines. For those who survived, the seriousness of the injuries were exacerbated by a significant lack of supplies, lack of modern communication technology, and inadequately trained personnel. Observations in Bolivia in 1997 indicated that despite the absence of trauma, the medically disadvantaged were unable to receive the standard of care that was also found to be absent in Cambodia.


AYUDAMOS has concluded that despite the origin of the pathology, there is needless and preventable suffering among the medically and economically disadvantaged. This suffering grows from a lack of targeted medical supplies, trained personnel, and computer - telecommunications technologies.

Recent Projects

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Bolivia Phase2
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